Clan Bellew

Variations of the Name:
Bellew, Belew, Belleau, Ballaw, Balew, Ballew, Ballow, Blue, Bloo

Meaning of the Coat of Arms:
The Motto Tout Den Haut, translated means All on High Armorial Bearings:
... he bears for Arm, sable, fretty or. Above the escutcheon, which is charged with his badge of Ulster as a Baronet, is placed the coronet of his rank and there upon a helmet befitting his degree with a mantling sable and or, and for his Crest upon a wreath of the colours, an arm embowed in armour, holding in the hand a sword proper.
Dexter: a leopard or gorgest with a mural crown azure, Sinister, a wolf azure gorged with a ducal Coronet or.

History of the Name:
The name Bellew appears on the roll of Battle abbey among the followers of William the Conquer and in the reign of Edward I. John De Bellew acquired the Lordship of Carleton by marriage with the heiress of Bruce where in 1375 James Bellew held Bellewstown Co. Meath. Bellews Castle at Bellewstown was built in 1472-79 by Richard Bellew. He was the ancestor of John Bellew created Baron of Duleek 1686. He was also ancestor of the families at Barmeath Co. Louth and Mount Bellew Co. Galway.

The member of the family to appear first in Ireland was Roger De Bellew. The intermediate Lords of Bellewstown and Duleek intermarried with Darcys, Fitzgeralds ( Earls of Kildare ), St. Lawerences, Flemings, Gernons and Prestons. Philip Bellew was bailiff of Dublin in 1445 and ancestor of James Bellew who was Mayor of Dublin in 1598.

Meaning of the Name:
Belle Eau, the French for Beautiful Water. One of the early settlers in Ireland was Sir Adam de Bella Aqua, Bella Aqua being the Latin version of the name.

About the Clan:
The name Bellew appears mainly in the counties of Meath, Louth, Dublin, Armagh and Galway. The clan was formed in 1998 and contacts have been established in Ireland, U.K., Australia and U.S.A.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Seamus Bellew
Phone: +44-1504-262325
Address: 6 North Meadows, Foyle Springs, Derry BT48 0QB, N. Ireland.
Additional Websites:
Additional Contact
Name: Mary Long
Address: P.O. Box 374, Tweed Heads, N.S.W., Australia 2485.


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Clan Bellew
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