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Class of 1961.  Contact  Sue Karn Turner

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Ballew, Ronald W, Email:, Homepage:, 303 NE 26th St, Lawton, OK 73507, 580-248-9801


Format: Maiden name, First Name (Married Name)
Aguirre, Don  (
Ahow, Alberto  (
Amick, Bert  (
Amick, Byron  (,
Arndt, Virginia  (
Asher, Frankie  (

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Barrett, Billy  (
Bartow, Ralph  (
Beals, James  (
Berry (Reeder), Thomas Richard  (,,
Bingham, Judy  (
Blankenship, Charles  (
Brewer, Roy  (
Brisco, Naomi Sue  (
Brixey, Jim  (
Brown, Ben  (
Brown, Carole (Harvison)  (
Bullard, Charles  (
Buxton, Gary  (

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Carleton, Diane (Kopenhagen)  (
Carter, Pat  (
Clark, Carol  (
Clark, Jim  (
Clugston, Roy  (
Cole, Willard  (
Coleman, Gary  (
Coleman, George  

Conover, John C.   Email:, Homepage: , 631 Lamont Ct., Campbell, CA 95008, 408-370-2688. (Checked in February 16, 2007)

Cook, Ronald  (

Cox, Shirley Jean (Rapier)  (
Hello, I am listed on the alumni list, however my married name and maiden name are switched. I graduated as Shirley Jean Cox. My name is now Shirley Cox Rapier. I hope you can change the listing, as my former classmates would expect to find Shirley Cox and would have no idea who Shirley Rapier is. Thanks. Shirley (Cox) Rapier (Checked in July 23, 2005)

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Davis, Carole (Muff)  (
Dejarnette, Don  (
Dore, Lester  (

Doyle, James (Jim)  My name is James (Jim) Doyle. I graduated from CHS in 1961. I attended a 40th wedding anniversary party tonight for Geary (Tank) Souter and his wife Peggy (Hamilton). Geary also graduated in 1961. My deceased wife, Phyllis (Davidson) Doyle, graduated CHS in 1965 or '66. Geary informed me tonight that there will be a CHS class of '61 (or more?) picnic this coming week-end at Woodward park (Sept 29 or 30, 2001?). I searched this site to see if there was any mention of it but found nothing. Do you know any more about it or can put me in touch with someone who might know? Thank you. (Checked in on September 22, 2001)

Dunegan, Judy  (

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Earlougher, Janet  (
Emigh, Nina (Allen)  (,
Evans, Nancy  (

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Ford, Geraldine  (
Forester, Virginia  (
Foster, Paul  (
Fugate, Connie  (

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Gann, Arlena  (
Garrett, Rosa  (
Gates, Areta  (
Gibson, Geraldine (Geri) (Ford)  (

Gibson, Janice Pauline (Mitchell)   I'm alive and living in St. Louis, Mo. in the city named Florissant,Mo. 63031 I'm a widow with 3 grownup children; a son at 36, and two daughter at 28 & 27 years of age. My husband Robert E. Mitchell Jr. died 1996. Today is my birthday and I'm 62. I was in the Will Rogers Marching Band; who am I? Please add my name to the 1961 Class List. Thank You, Janice P. Gibson Mitchell

Givens, Clifton  (
Glenn, Patti  (
Glidden, Derald  (
Greene, Frances (Hayes)  (
Greer, Juanita (Whittlecar)  (,
Grundish, David  (
Gulley, Thomas  (

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Hannah, Kay  (

Harmon, David   Torrance, CA. (,
Hi Ron....I am already on the Class List but I just want to update the email address to . Still in Torrance, Ca. Regards & Keep Up the Good Work! - Dave, On CHS. (Checked in on February 12, 2003).

Harrison, Tommy  (
Harvison, Carole  (
Haynes, Kenneth  (,

Heil, Geoffrey   email address currently living in Houston, TX. GEOFFREY HEIL OWNER ICQ#: 169663091 Current ICQ status: ( Home Tel#: (281) 920-1128 ( Work Tel#: (281) 498-2600 + More ways to contact me (Checked in on February 6, 2003)

Heim, Ronald L.  Please add my name to the alumni list. Thank you. Ronald L. Heim, Class of 61, Email address: (Checked in on January 20, 2002)

Helm, Judy (Jones) (Thompson)  (
Hollis, Kay  (
Holloway, Kitty  (
Housewright, John  (
Howard, Barbara  (
Howell, Jeri  (
Hudson, John  (

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Jackson, Gerald (Jerry)  (
Johnson, Barbara  (
Johnston, Rose  (
Jones, George  (
Jones, Patti  (
Jones, Vernon (Jurney)  (
Jordan, Mary  (
Jurney, Vernon  (

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Karn, Sue (Turner)
   September 2, 2002:   Hi again, Ron - can we change the time for our picnic starting at 3pm (September 28, 2002, Leake Park, Tulsa, OK). None of us seems to want to be there earlier than that. Thanks, Sue Karn Turner. Contact: : Sue Karn Turner

   August 28, 2002:  41st Anniversary Picnic, September 28, 2002, 3 PM. Leake Park, Tulsa, OK. (behind the old Target location at 71st and Memorial) Reserved from 3 PM till 11 PM. Several classmates have asked me about having another picnic this year - so I'm going to set the date for September 28, 2002. Leake Park has a grill for cooking, parking for about 40 cars, and a bicycle trail. I'm planning on it being a bring-your-own like last year. Please pass the word. For those of you from out of town, if you're interested, the Tulsa State Fair will be going on. (LaFortune Park, where we had the picnic last year is not available.) I'm anxious to see you all. Send me your email for updated news on the picnic. Contact: : Sue Karn Turner

   September 24, 2001:  Thanks for passing the info on to Jim Doyle who has been on my lost list and for sending a copy to me. I have looked at your web page & would be interested in a link especially after we decide when we're going to have a real reunion next year. Thanks. Sue Karn Turner

 August 8, 2001:   From: To: Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2001 10:25 PM Subject: Central Gathering Hi, I reserved the SW picnic shelter at LaFortune Park (the one closest to Yale) for Saturday, Sept. 29, 2001 for 5-8 or ? PM. Everybody can bring just theirselves, a picnic, their own drinks or whatever. Please pass the word around. We'll see who all shows up. Then perhaps later we can get to work on a 41st for next year that's better planned. I'm not sure what else I can do but try to get the word around. As ever, Sue  (, (Checked in on August 8, 2001)

Kelley, Nancy  (
King, Roger  (
Kishner, Jeanne  (
Koder, Karen Kearney (Breithaupp), Costa Mesa CA   (

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Laster, Jimmy  (
Lewis, Jack  (
Lewis, Robert  (
Love, Leonne (Broughman) , Aka Lee Love Broughman, Lee Broughman

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Mallett, Barbara  (
Mann, Lailah Sue  (
Mann, Sue  (
Martin, Jane  (
Martin, Mel  (
Martin, Melvin  (
Marvel, Fred  (
McEntire, Wayne  (
McKinney, Kenneth  (
Meadows, Terry  (
Megee, Judy  (
Milbourn, Connie  (
Mitchell, Jack  (
Moore, Herbert Max  (
Moore, Kathryn  (
Morefield, Mary  (
Mullen, Francine  
Mullins, Don  (
Murdock, Wendell  (
Murphy, Charles (Chuck?)  (,
Murphy, Ray  (
Murray, Betty  (

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Neal-Murdock, Rachel  (

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Orr, Carolyn  (

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Parnell, Terrie  (
Pasyne, Ron  (
Payne, Ron  (
Pell, Harrell  (
Pendleton, Sue (Brisco)  (
Poteet, Martha  (
Prater, Linda  (
Pratt, Marsha  (
Pregler, Raymond  (
Prideaux, Carol  (

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Rabe, Lanell  (
Radcliff, Sue  
Rees, Roberta  (
Reeves, Claudie  (

Reib, James   Jim Reib Ron, I didn't graduate with this class. I moved to Broken Arrow and graduated there in 1961. I was, however with a lot of these folks all through John Burroughs and Roosevelt. Thanks! Jim Reib, tel: (918) 798-4643 ( (Checked in on June 11, 2005). Home address is 5858 E. 50th St., Tulsa 74135. Thanks! Jim Reib (Updated January 13, 2007).

Riddle, Argentia  (
Robinson, Jim  (
Rogers, Johnnie  (
Ross, Diane (Peirson)  (,
Ross, Sherrie  (

Rosson, Ronald S. (Ron)   My name is Ronald S. Rosson (Ron), I graduated in the class of 61. Served thirty years in the Air Force, both active duty and reserve, mostly as a pilot. Retired in 1997 and now live in Colorado. Beautiful children and grandchildren. Have travled extensively and enjoy many outdoor activities. (Checked in on August 16, 2002)

Ron - Would like to update my e-mail. . That's for Ron Rosson, Class of 61, 614 Spring Valley Road, Bailey, CO, 80421. Thanks, Ron Rosson, Col, USAF, Retired, Class of 61 (Updated May 16, 2005)

Rough, Ronnie  (,
Rutledge, Ralph  (

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Scarbery, Donna  (
Scott, Tillie  (
Sewell, Robbie  (
Shealy, Lunette  (
Shelton, Linda  (
Shelton, Nancy  (
Shofner, Jim  (
Sides, Virgil  (
Sieling, Lonny  (

Smith, Camille (Hamner King)   Smith, Camille (Hamner King), Ph.D. Presently living in Sibiu, Romania. Camille King, (Checked in on December 19, 2006)

Smith, Joanna  (
Souter, Geary (Tank).   Married to Peggy (Hamilton).
Speir, Wanda  (

Stafford, Sandra (Nichols)  Ron: yes, I can tell you all you need to know. I'm sending an e-mail from Sue Karn that will explain everything. It will be a great time. Your classmate, Sandra Nichols-Stafford (Checked in on September 23, 2001)

Staley, Nancy  (
Stephens, Gladys  (
Stern, Tita  (
Storie, John  (
Strahm, Frederick  (
Summers, John  (
Swartz, Sharon  (

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Thoele, Perry   Email:   Thanks for your work. I graduated in 1961.
Thompson, Judy (Helm)   (
Thompson, Susan  (
Trammell, Letha  (

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Vallier, Bobby  (

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Walker, Marylea  (
Walson, Earl  (
Wandres, Bob  (
Ward, Jeanette  (
West, John  (
White, Elizabeth  (
Wightman, John  (
Wilson, Larry   (
Wilson, Lloyd  (

Wilson, Patricia  My mother, Patricia Wilson (maiden name), was a graduate of Central in 1961. As a surprise for her, I am trying to locate one of her friends, Karen Coder, also a '61 graduate. Can anyone help me? Thank you, Kim Dodson (Checked in on July 26, 2002)

Wilson, Thomas  (

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Young, Jimmie  (

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