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Tate, Janie (Drumeheller), Email: ,   317 S. 191st E. Ave, Tulsa OK 74108, Hm: (918) 266-9847, Cell: (918) 557-1699. Coordinator for Tulsa Central High School Class of 1957.

Thanks to Jay Beaman for typing in the names that were in the Senior class in the 1957 yearbook.


Anderson, Robert L., Email: banjoanderson @ ,   Thanks, Ron. I don't think I'm listed so : Robert L. Anderson, banjoanderson @, Blue Ridge Music Store in Asheville, NC Thanks, Bobby (Checked in March 15, 2007).

Abmeyer Jon
Adair Ila
Adams Patsy
Adelman Lynn
Adolph Lyele
Aery, Shaila, Email: ,   8A Spa Creek Landing Annapolis, Maryland 21403, home 410 267 8875, office 410 295 9550 (Checked in on January 25, 2007).
Alexander Bob
Allen, John T. ,   3703 E. 107th St., Tulsa, Ok. 74137, Cell phone=605-4014, Res= 918 299-6262 (Checked in March 5, 2007).
Alton Gene
Anderson Bob
Anderson Connie
Anderson Dale
Anderson Jeanne
Anderson Sue
Andrew Wanda
Andrews Mecy
Antel Joe
Armstrong Charles
Armstrong Joe
Arnold Gary
Arnold, Harry Joe, Email: e-mail ,   (Checked in on March 20, 2007)

Arnold, Jim & Donna , 1-800-430-7040
Ash James
Atchley Kay
Atkino Dennis
Aude Tom
Ault Tom
Auxier C. R.
Avery Sharon
Ayers Fredda

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Babb Wilbur
Bacon Jean
Bagwell Danny
Bagwell Nancy
Bailey Richard
Bailey Shirley
Bailey Tom
Baird Betty
Barber Mary

Baker, Mary Stewart Krosney Mary Stewart Baker Krosney  Searching for grad-friends 1957. Dear Ron, I'm a 57 graduate of Tulsa Central High School living in Israel. I've gotten notification of reunions regularly, but it's too far for me to come. Do you know of any listing of Email addresses for other 1957 grads so I might try to contact old friends? Many thanks and best wishes for the holidays. (Checked in on December 5, 1997) 
Dear Ron, I wish that I had info on who is organizing and sending me reunion invitations, but I haven't saved them and don't remember. It will be a few years until I get more probably... But I know the class of 57 is very organized. Do you know of any web sites that help you find classmates? I hear they exist. Many thanks. (Updated December 8, 1997).

Baker Mona
Baker Norma
Baldwin Gwen
Balenti Virgil
Ball Gorgia

Ballard, David P & Ruth ,   Boeing Wichita. (David is reported to have passed away in 2004) (Updated June 26, 2005).

Barbie Chuck
Barhydt Becky
Barnes Bob

Barnes, Joyce (Carter) & Ron, please add me to your alumni list. My name is Joyce (Barnes) Carter, e-mail Thanks for maintaining the website. Good job. (Checked in February 11, 2007).

Barr Carl
Barron Terry

Barrows, Ann (Winslow) 3255 NW 114 Terrace, Coral Springs, FL 33442, 954-752-6869. (Checked in March 12, 2007).

Barry Bill
Bartlett Dan

Baxter, Dean Dean Baxter's new email address is . Helen (Ambrose) McCall, , Rogers Class of 1960 (Updated September 16, 2003).

Bayler Tom
Bayles Janis
Beach Sandra

Beaman, Jay , PHD(Cornell). 465 Andra Court, Cheyenne, WY, 82009, Home and world wide: 307-222-4824. Director, Auctor Consulting Associates, Ltd. (Comox, BC), Adjunct Faculty, Colorado State University and research associate with National Chai-yi University, Chaiyi, Taiwan (where I live a few months whenever I get the chance). Web pages: (still lots of work to do re family. I keep too busy with research).
Auctor Consulting Associates Ltd. - Canada & USA , Jay Beaman, Ph.D., Tourism/social surveys & research-methods & analysis, Director, ACA; Adjunct Faculty, Colorado State University; Research with faculty of National Chai-yi University, Chaiyi, Taiwan; Email: jaybman@; SKYPE: jaymanauctor Web pages: Phone: WY, USA (code e.g. 1)-307-635-2114, Internet phone: (code e.g. 1)-307-222-4824 (with voice mail) Chai-yi, Taiwan (code e.g. 011-886)-5-275-1573 (Checked in March 7, 2007).

Beamir Cliff L.
Beasley Barbra
Beck Elizabeth Ann
Beck L. E. Jr.

Beeman, Judi (Hancock) Hi Ron, If you have a chance, my email needs to be updated. It should be: , Judi Beeman Hancock, Husband: John, class of 55, 1314 N Atlanta Place, Tulsa, OK 74110, 918.587.1903 That is if you can catch us at home. We have a fifth wheel and laptop, so we're on the road as much as possible. Thanks. judi beeman (Updated June 26, 2005).

Beggs, Judy (Owens) 13217 E. 73rd Street North, Owasso, OK 74055. You guys are doing a great job, just in case we haven't told you. Judy Beggs Owens (Checked in March 29, 2007).

Belcher Pat
Bell Donna
Bennett Don

Bennett, Julia (Winn) Hi Ron, Thanks for all you do to keep the class of '57 in touch. I currently live in Round Rock, Tx., just outside Austin. My address is: 2749 Lake Forest Dr., Round Rock, Tx. 78664; and, my phone is 512-388-9030. I can also be reached by email at Thanks again, Julia Bennett Winn, class of '57 (Checked in March 11, 2007).

Bennett Pauline
Benningfield Gary
Benson John
Benzing Betty
Berg, Norman (Norm) & Sue (Updated March 19, 2007)
Bergman Barbra
Berry Claire
Berryman Jay?Yay
Bewley Sally
Bicknell Jerry
Bigly Gail
Birge Mary
Bishop Tony
Bitting Bill

Blackburn, Don & Barbara   Ron, If I'm not already listed in the 1957 TCHS Alumni Directory, please enter the following information for me: Donald J. Blackburn, 1506 West Plymouth Circle, Broken Arrow, Ok 74012, (918) 355-1777,, Thank you, Don Blackburn (Checked in July 18, 2003).

Blake Blenda
Blake John
Blakemore Judy
Blalock Faye
Blankenship Deann
Blankenship Jim
Blaylocks Bob
Blavins? Buddy

Bliss, Nan (Gleason) 4510 Briar Hollow Place, Apartment 201, Houston, Texas 77027, (713)621-5804

Blondeau Christine
Blosch Bob
Bogart Kent
Boggs LeRoy
Boldt Bertha
Bolin Chuck L.
Bollinger Betty

Bond, George W.   , 184 Belvedere Dr., Birmingham, AL 35242; work email: (Checked in April 6, 2004).

Boshears Don
Bostan?ton Keith
Botkin Nita
Bounds Corella
Bourne Kenneth

Bowman, Jeaneen (Darnell)   , Tulsa, Ok, Jeaneen Bowman Darnell (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Bowyer, Sherian Kae   Hey, I am part of that wonderful class of '57. I would like to be on your list. I can't place you but I worked in the attendance office with Mary Ann Cash (married to Tommy ? last living in Stillwater, OK. and we knew the face and name of almost everyone in that school (not now tho, times change and memories fade). Donald Lee Oliver was living in Owasso many years ago. Danny Conner is no longer with us. I live in Brazil. This cancels my chance of going on that lovely cruise. e-mail:, address: Sherian Kae Bowyer, Av. Orozimbo Maia, 590-Apt. 61, Campinas - Sao Paulo - Brazil - 13023-001, Tele: 55-19-3232-7757, Mobile: 55-19-979-77665. My years books are in storage back in the States (I miss looking at them). Would like to hear from ex-classmates. Thanks, Sherian

Boyd Bonneil?
Boyle Bob
Beady Delores
Brand Harald
Brand Mary Jane
Branham Tom
Beaskeaes? Gene
Bransher Frances

Braucher, Chauncey & Nancy   Ron, Please correct my email address, I am nancy Braucher wife of Chauncey and email is . Thanks (Updated June 7, 2009)

Bray Tommy Kay
Brice Johnny
Bricker Roger
Bright Carrie
Brimmer Leon
Briscoe Lou
Brix, Don J.   , 6606 Lange Cir. Dallas, TX 75214. (Checked in March 23, 2007).
Brost JoAnn
Broun George
Brown Patti
Brown Pat
Brownfield Judy
Brundage MaryJane
Bryant Larry
Buercklin Wilma
Buffum, Terry   (Updated March 11, 2007).
Bullard Bonnie
Buoen Don
Burge Joe
Burnett Mike
Burris Don
Burris Saundra
Burton Bill
Burton Danny
Bush Judi
Bushnell, Aurora   (Updated March 11, 2007).
Butler Pat

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Caffey Jim
Caine Ronald
Caldwell Jim
Callison Mary
Calvert Neal
Campbell David
Campbell Nancy
Campbell Sara
Cantrell Paul
Carrall Helen
Carson Donna
Cartwright Carolyn
Cash MaryAnn
Casillas Anado
Catterton Larry
Chaffin Barbra
Chandler Larry
Chaney David
Chapman Don
Chapman JoAnn
Charles Eloise

Childers, Pat (Bowles) Hi Ron, I am a graduate of class of 57! Please add me to you list. I have not attended any reunions, no real excuse, just poor planning. I am thinking about coming to the 50th with Katy Hoffman Rock, also a graduate. My e-mail is Thanks! Pat Childers Bowles

Christy Bob
Chasseley James
Clapper Joyce
Clark Hazel

Clark, John & Connie

Clark Joyse
Clark Larry
Clark Sharon
Clark Sydney Aure?
Clary Bruce
Clawson Meredith
Cleland Bill
Cline George
Cline Ronald
Clonce Donna
Cochran Jane -
Cocke Linda

Codrey, John

Collar, Jeff Hey Ron: Would you please add me to your wonderful list of the '57 Tulsa Central High grads. Thanks, Jeff Collar, Oklahoma City, OK - e-mail

Collins Clyde

Collins, Doug Doug Collins (Updated September 26, 2006)

Collins Roy

Combs, Judy (Coates)   , Tifton, Ga. You can reach me thru Jeaneen Bowman Darnell since I do not have email . (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Comfort Frank
Conaway Louise
Conner Danny
Connor Terry
Cook Patricia
Cooper Donna
Cooper Georgia
Cooper Jerry
Cooper Kay
Coaper Sharon
Copass Jane
Corley Eddie
Corley Jim
Cornelius? Larry
Correa Dolores
Coryell Avery
Cothran Lonnie Lee

Couch, Art 401 S. Memorial, Tulsa, Okla 74112, Off# 918-836-8816, Cell 918-691-3301 Semi Retired. Thank You. (Updated March 21, 2007).

Couch Sandra
Cox Davis?
Cox David R.
Cox Donna Ann
Cox Linda
Craft Judy
Craig Roberta
Crain Donald
Crawford Delores
Crawford Leon
Cremin Tim
Cripper Ethel
Crismon Virgenia
Crackett James

Cronin, Donna Jean (Neel) Donna Jean (Cronin) Neel, Oakbrook Addition, 2 North Lockeport Drive, Edmond, OK 73003, Phone 405-844-0915 home, 405-613-3365 cell, email: , (Checked in March 15, 2007).

Crose, Royda Below is my contact info. My website at has my current bio. I'm looking forward to attending the reunion. Royda Crose, 1609 West Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203, 573 881-0522, , (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Croskerry? Danny
Crowell Larry
Cruise Alvin Lee
Culp Elizabeth
Cummings Joannie

Curd, Majorie (Newell); Joyce Marjorie Curd Newell, email address: , Apopka, Florida. (Checked in on November 16, 2005)

Curtis Jennifer

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Darby Leona
Darrell Linda

Davidson, Don I've been living in the Kansas City area much of the time since 1961 when I came here to attend graduate school (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary). And yes, much to the surprise of many, I am a minister. I'm now semi-retired but have several sidelines that really keep me busy, including doing 63 weddings in '06. Plus, I serve on the board of directors for an agency that works with homeless families in our county. I'm planning on being at the reunion so I'll see everyone then. God bless. (Updated March 10, 2007).

Davidson Emmalene
Davie Bob
Davis Betty

Davis, Bob Hi Ron. Would you please add me to the class of 1957? What a great web site. Thanks Bob Davis, Drs. Bob and Peggy Davis, Digital Directions, inc., , home / office 972 540-1052 New Phone Number (Updated March 5, 2007).

Davis Howard
Day Stan
DeArmand Anne
DeCorte Martha
Deerinwater Richard
Dela Hugh
Denhan Martin
Denney Burl Wayne
Diaz Suzanne

Dick, Bob at 2826 E. 35 Pl., Tulsa, OK 74105, Phone: 918-747-5518 (Checked in March 21, 2007).

Dicker Beverly
Dickerson Anita
Dickey Margret

Diffendaffer, Kathy (Browne), 17905 E. 15 St., Tulsa OK 74108, (918) 437-2029 (Checked in April 13, 2007).

Dill Jackice
Dissly Bill
Dixon Geraldine
Difer? Charlie
Dobbs Diane
Doerner Stuart
Dorsel Leah

Doss, Sandra (Hamilton) Sandra Doss Hamilton (Sandy) 1957 graduate Tulsa Central High School - (Checked in March 5, 2007)

Douglas Sharon

Downs, Eugene (Checked in March 5, 2007)

Dayle Stan
Drinkwater Sonya
Dunbar Kay
Dunham Jack
Dunlap? Claudia-Gay
Dunn Shirley

Durden, Theda (Davis) Ron, My brother in law is Keith Davis from the Central class of 1954. Have you created a web page for that year? If you have could you please let me know how he can access it. Thanks, Theda Durden Davis, class of 1957 (Checked in September 28, 2005)

DieRee? Eddie
Dye Judy

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Eakin David
Easley Claude
Easley Jim
Easley Joan

Eckenwiler, Mike. On Gradfinder: Colorado. 

Edens Linda
Edwards Charles
Edwards Delosa
Edwards Pat
Egbert Jack
Eglest Richard
Egnew Susan
Eichenberg Alan
Elam Frank
Eleler Bustec
Eldridge Melba
Ellington Colleen
Ellis Laren
Ellison Sarah
Elliston Joan
Elman Harold

Eloise Charles, 2417A McDuffie, Houston, TX 77019, 713 529 1908 (home), 713 503 9259 (cell), (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Elstner Linda
Emmert Sam
Engle Murray
Eustis Bill
Evans Judy

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Fagan Suzanne

Farhood , Basem , , 14515 Longford Way, Edmond, OK 73013, cell # (405) / 406-4090 --- Thanks !! Checked in April 19, 2007)

Fearon Lee
Fenton NancyJo
Feclin Paul
Ficklin Bob
Fielding Alan
Fielabs Roger
Fisher MaryEllen
Fissel Temple
Fitzgerald C. D.
Flanery Virginia
Folks Wilma
Folsom Jim
Forrest Carol
Forester Ralph

Fournier, Chuck and Carrol, Chuck and Carrol Fournier, 8205 High Cliff Drive, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015, email: , Home Phone: 830-755-6039, Cell Phone:210-722-0838, Home Page: None, Thanks for including me in the directory. Mike Fournier, Five Star Electric, 4729 Shavano Oak, San Antonio, TX 78249, Work: 210-492-4200 ext. 110, Cell: 210-722-0838 (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Faust Paul
Frandsen Kiki
Heaufilier Judy
Franklin Pat

Franklin, Sam & Betsy (Mook)

Frazier Barbara
Fream George
Freeman Bruce

Freeman, Robert & Paula (Robert is reported to be deceased) (Updated June 26, 2005).

Freeman Frank
Freeman Fred
Freeman Jess

Fries, Jerry. On Gradfinder: Oklahoma.

Fusselman Jack

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Gabbard Ann
Gage Glenda
Gant Ann
Garland Nancy
Garringer Frances
Garrison Dough
Garrison Roger
Garroutte Bess
Garroutte Beulah

Gass, Ernestine Mann McCall (Updated March 5, 2007)

Geister, Dianne (Walker-Propes) Please add my e-mail address to the listing: Thanks. Dianne (Geister) Walker-Propes. Dear friends: In the next week or so, Ervin and I will have the following e-mail address: . Dianne and Ervin Propes(Updated July 19, 2005)

Giffert Janie
Gathdent?? Richard
Gilmartin Mike
Gilson Judy
Giskin Paul
Glasby Alice
Glassco Darrell
Glazer Mary Ilene
Glenn Jeanne
Gode GerryBeth
Godfrey Jackie
Gallub Barbara
Gorman Joe
Gosnell Vic
Gourd Henry
Gower Judy
Gragy Charles
Gravley Betty
Gray Fontella
Grayson Dolly
Green Betty

Greene, James Hi Ron, Please add my name to the Tulsa Central class of 1957 index. James Greene, 3062 Old Mill Run, Grapevine, Tx 76051, 817-488-6838. Thanks

Green Wilma
Gregory Betty
Gregory Martha
Griggs Jackie
Grinter Robert
Grubbs Dottie
Gulley Beverly

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Halbert Sharon
Hale DonnaSue
Hale Suzanne
Hall Patsy
Hamilton Jimmy
Hamilton Pat
Hamlin Dixie

Hampton, John & Laura, On Gradfinder: Texas.

Haney Nancy
Hankins Jim
Hanson Lynn
Harbour Donna
Harder Jane
Hardin Bob
Harlley Stephen
Harney Charles
Harper Barbara

Harris, Bradford (Brad) G.,   Surprised that my name was not on the list as I am getting emails from Jamie. My name is Bradford G. Harris, Address is Kantstr 71 Apt 1607, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany. My American address is PSC 3 Box 602, APO AE 09021. Email is (Checked in March 5, 2007)

Harris Caralyn Sue

Harris Don

Harris, Henry W. .   I am interested in contacting Judy Roark who was in the class of 1957. Please inform via e-mail. (Checked in March 28, 2007).

Harris Homer

Harris, John J. (Jack) .   3296 Lookout Lane, Naples, FL 34112, (941) 530-0480. On Gradfinder. (Checked in on March 10, 2001)

My (Summer) Michigan address is: 3700 Woodland Dr., Metamora, MI 48455, 810-797-4700. Thanks, Jack Harris (Updated on April 1, 2003)

Harris, Kenneth D. .   P O Box 996, Athol, ID 83801 (Checked in on February 15, 2007)

Harris Richard

Harris, Sherrill 'Sherri' (Vosberg) .   Claremore, OK. Married 42 years to Larry (died 2000). Work part time @ Willbros as a CADD mapper. I've enjoyed country living since 1971. (Checked in March 20, 2007).

Harrison Jake
Harrison Ronald
Hartness Edith
Hasty Dale
Hasty Judy
Hatchett JoAnn
Hawkins Bethi
Hayes David
Hayhurst Florence
Haynes Delores
Haynes Margaret
Hazelton Darlene
Hazelton Mary
Heard Charlene
Heflin Boyce
Helt Ronny
Hemmert Bob
Hendersen Patsy
Hendley Madelyn
Hendren Bob
Hendricks Carroll

Hendrickson II, Floyd (Tonnie) W. .   Please add me to the Tulsa Central Class of 1957 list: Floyd (Tonnie) W. Hendrickson II, P. O. Box 101261, Fort Worth, Texas 76185-1261, Email: (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Hendrickson Gary
Hendryx Jewel
Henry Sean?Jean
Henrey Phil
Herlan Mary
Herndon Carol
Hewlett Linda
Highfill Ginger

Hill, Gayle Ann (McKinney) Gayle Ann Hill McKinney, 3357 Jones Valley Drive, SE, Huntsville, Alabama 35802, 256-489-6849, (Checked in on March 10, 2007)

Hill, Jim

Hill, John Hi Ron - I am John Hill and am married to Ann Sikes also a CHS '57 graduate. Please add us to the directory. Email addresses are and . Our home address is 5836 So. 70th East Ave. Tulsa, OK 74145. (Updated June 26, 2005)

Hillard Earl
Hines J.H.
Hines Phylles

Hix, Doris Lee Wheelus

Hobbs Semara

Hodgson, Mike & Jo

Haffmann Katy
Hoffman Rhonda
Hogan David
Hogins Charles
Holland Mike
Hollaway Ann

Honeycut, Charles Update for Charles Honeycutt. 5282 S. 4405 Loop, Locust Grove, OK 74352, (918)479-2181, (918)698-9943 (Updated March 5, 2007).

Haabler Wilma
Hoad Virginia
Horne Alfred
Hoskins Gerald
Huston James
Houston Melissa
Huston Tanya

Howard, Jim I would like to enter my name and information as a member of the class of '57 at CHS. Jim Howard, 5859 139th Street West, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Saint Mary's University-Twin Cities,, (651)485-9944

Hudson Ralph
Huges Jane

Hughs, Harold My father graduated Central High in 1957. Noticed he was on your missing list. He’s alive and well living in Hominy Oklahoma, Name: Harold Hughs, E-Mail:, Thanks in advance. - Otis Hughs

Hughes JoAnn
Hughes Lynn
Heell Julie
Hulsey Murlene
Humphreys Judy
Hurlbert Vernon
Hurt Martha
Hustul Janet

Hyman, Marcia (Solomon) Marcia Solomon MSW, 1440 N. Gatewood #46, Wichita Kansas 67206, (316) 636-2722

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Irsch Leona

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Jackson Bill
Jackson Vernon
Jarrett Johnny

Jetton, James Robert (Bob) Jr. , 4948 NW 30th Pl., Oklahoma City, OK. , (405) 942-0809

Johns Jerri
Johnson Arthur

Add me to the 1957 TCHS class list. Darek Johnson, 1469 Atlanta Ct., Number 304, Florence, KY 41042, 859.384.0677,, . Cool. Thanks. Darek Johnson, Senior Technology Editor, Signs of the Times magazine, ST Media Group Intl. , 407 Gilbert Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 421-2050, Ext. 348, (800) 925-1110, Ext. 348, Fax: (513) 421-5144,,

Johnson Doris
Johnson Judy
Johnson Kent
Johnson Linda

Johnson, Marilyn Johnson-Cox

Johnson Paul
Johnson Ghislles??
Johnson Ruth Mary

Johnston, Peggy (Mrs. Thomas R. Harrington) -- Tulsa, OK. Current E-Mail Address: Looking forward to the next reunion. Have attended all meetings so far -- Thanks for all the efforts of the people involved. For those of you who have not participated -- you have missed some glorious events !!! Please don't let it happen again. See you all at the 2007 event -- you will be so greatly surprised at the allegiance our Class of '57 has. See you there. (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Johnson, Sheila (Press) , Thanks for making the list so easy to use, and taking the time to maintain the site. Sheila Johnson Press,, 3025 Tremont Street, Berkeley, CA 94703, 510-390-5080 (cell), 510-642-4083 (work). (Checked in February 10, 2007)

Jones Don
Jones JoAnn

Jusola, Pat Caylor

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Kaplan Karol Kay
Kaster Dean
Katopodis Jim
Katz Gloria
Kaufman Sonny
Keesee Jim
Keeth Lavine
Keiffer Rev. Everett
Keith Martin Q.
Kelly Don
Kelly Adriana
Kelsey Ronnie
Kennedy George
Kenslow Janice
Kern Ed
Kilmer Richard
Kimes Jan
King Ann
Kingsburg Bill
Kirby Alfareta
Kirby Joy
Kirk Marian

Kirk, Marian , 3907 Raintree Court, Chesapeake, Virginia 23321. (757) 405-3064. Living near children and grandchildren near Virginia Beach. Cannot believe we might be old enough to even consider a 50th reunion. Isn't that for old people? (Checked in June 23, 2006).

Kluck Maxine
Knoten Troy
Knowland Judy

Knowles, Bill & Alice  (Bill is reported to be deceased)
Kerckhove, George & Sharon Ballard

Kopp? Walter
Kothe Diane
Kramer Betti
Kulchinski Darlene

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Lachenmaier, Jim   - 8369 So. Independence Cir. #305, Littleton, Colorado, 80128, H - 303-973-9619, C - 303-946-3919. GR8 job, Ron, don't know where the rest of us would be without folks like you, Janie, and Jackie. PS: Lookin' for Robert Brase, who went to Rogers, We were at Wilson together, If anyone knows his whereabouts let me know. Thanks, and again super job. Add me to the Alumni list. (Checked in March 5, 2007).

LaFortune Colette
Lale Doris
Lamberson Jerry
Landers Marjery

Landreth, Carolyn (Taylor) email:   Ron, Please change my email address to: . Address: Carolyn Taylor, 2716 Moss Valley Drive, Memphis, TN 38133, Phone: 901-385-9120 (Updated March 5, 2007).

Lang Mike
Langenkamp Bishy
Langer Hans

Lanning, Eddie Lanning@BVU.EDU

Latshau John
Lawbas Paul
Laycock Sam
Layman Don
Layton Terry
Lewis Dale
Lewis Gus L.
Lewis Anne
Lifton Sandra

Lile, Sherman Dennis (Denny) or
Auburn, Washington since 1970.

Linam Caralyn
Lindsey Mary
Littlefield Dannie

Livergood, Nancy , 5282 S. 4405 Loop, Locust Grove, OK, (918) 479-2181, (918) 698-9943 (Updated March 5, 2007).

Lollar, Carole June (Snyder) , 832 N. Canton Ave. , Tulsa, Ok. 74ll5, 836-1719 (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Long Bob
Lovell Terry
Lowe Patricia
Lowers Elaine
Leebell Ann
Lusk Anganell

Lynn, Bill Thanks for putting up the web page and all the work that has gone into it. Please add me to the list. Bill Lynn, , Ann Arbor, MI

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Mace, Ted R
Thank you for your thoughtfulness in setting up the web site for the class of 1957. Please include the following information: Ted R. Mace, 8421 Old Moss Road, Dallas, Texas, 75231, 214-503-8142 Res., 214-503-9699 Fax, , GMT --6 hours (Checked in June 27, 2005)

MacKenna Tommy
MacKenzie Jill
Mackey Harlene
Madden Victor
Madden James
Maddox Virginia
Mattox Jerry
Maddy Ruth
Magness Charles
Magoon Bruce
Malene Anita
Malone Tim
Manley Jeannie
Manon Lee
Markley Lynn
Marrs Kenneth
Martin Charles
Martin Pat
Martin Fresa

Mashburn, Garnet (Hatheway)
Hi Ron, I too appreciate your efforts in putting this web page together. I was hoping to see a fellow class mate that I havent heard from since graduation: Barbara Webb.... does anyone know anything about her? I still live in Bartlesville and see a couple class mates once in a great while that live here. My home address is 4931 SE Fordham Dr., Bartlesville, OK 74006, Phone 918/333-3975 or Cell 918/440-1565. I sure hope I get to see everyone this year as I missed the last reunion... and this is the big "50".... WOW!! (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Massey Vick
Masterson Pat
Maddux Jerry
May Suzan
Malew Dorthy
Mays Earlene
Mays David
McAlister Anne
McAnally Lee
McCartney Jim
McCarty Elanor

McCarty, Len 

McClintick Donna
McClure Bob
McCollough Margie
McCraken Mike

McCrary Maxine
Hi Ron, My maiden name was Maxine McCrary, and my husband Dave Overley and I both graduated in 1957. Our email address is and his name is spelled wrong under the 'O's' so if you could correct that it would be great. Thanks for a grand job on the website! Michele Overley (Checked in October 28, 2003)
Michele (Maxine McCrary) & Dave Overley, 2377 Hearth Drive, Evergreen, CO 80439, (303) 679-9864 (Updated March 6, 2007).

McDavid Caralyn
McDaniel Jean
McKee Robert
McKinney, Ron , 2279 CR 1807, Yantis TX 75497, 903-383-2771 (h) 903-850-5391 (c) (Checked in March 5, 2007).

McKnight Bob

McLaughlin, Jim Ron, would you please change my e-mail address to Thanks, Jim McLaughlin, TCHS 1957 (Updated June 28, 2005)

McNabb Charles
McPhail Darlene
McSharrow Kenneth
Melone Darrd
Mengies Judy
Merriman Ella
Merritt Charlotte
Metcalf Jerry
Middaugh Charles
Milbourn Judy
Miles Bert
Miller Bill
Miller Dale
Miller Marilyn
Mills Joe
Mirkin?? Marilynn
Mitchell Don
Mitchell Hal
Mitchell Nancy

Mizel, Steve

Mizell, John L. , 6949 South 77th East Ave, Tulsa, Ok 74133, 918-252-4895, E Mail: (Checked in February 9, 2007)

Montague Larry
Mook Betsy
Mooney Betty
Mooney Jim
Moore Charlie
Moore Sandra
Moore Sidney
Moore Steve
Moore Wilbur
Morgan Barbra
Morgan Beverly
Morgan Butch
Morris John
Moris Maxine

Morrison, Marilyn (Cox) I am in the alumni list as Marilyn Johnson Cox. Close, but needs fixing. I am Marilyn Morrison (not John-son) Cox. I am married to John Cox, hence the confusion, I suppose. That is my husband's e-mail address in the entry. Mine is the same, except it starts with M instead of J: Can you fix it? Thanks (Checked in March 6, 2007).

Morrison, Richard.

Morton Sally
Morber?? Tom
Mosley Earnest
Mass Carol
Moyer Paula
Muisheid Wayne
Mullins Arlin
Mullins Carl
Mullins Ronald
Mulmed Brenda
Munday Kay
Munn Charles
Murdock Charlotte

Murdock, Shirley (Hall) Shirley Murdock Hall,, 2nd email is:, 426 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta GA 30313. The web site is great, thanks. Shirley Hall, EPro,R, Remax Leading Edge, 4401 Shallowford Road, Suite 154, Roswell GA 30075-3175, 404-441-7464, Fax 404-745-8214 (Checked in February 22, 2007)

Murphy Lee
Murray Clarita
Myers Darlene
Mytinger Jane
Mytinger Judy
Mair Nancy
Male Mable
Maron Toby
Mash Bob

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Nach DelJeannene

Nash, Robert (Bob)     (Checked in March 10, 2007)

Naron, Toby (Hogan)     This is a great web site and since I didn't get to graduate with my '57' class (I was whisked away to Kansas City, MO in the middle of my senior year), I would like to list my e-mail address, home address and phone numbers. Would love to hear from my classmates !!! My home address is 2905 Easton, Harrisonville, MO 64701. Home phone: 816-380-4455, Cell phone: 816-651-9340. Look forward to seeing all.......... toby hogan, (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Neal Herschel
Newson Judy
Newton Joe
Newton Shirley
Nichles Claude
Niccum Sue
Nilson John
Nix Don
Noe George
Noland Judy

Norrid, Audrey Aitken
   January 28, 2003 - Hi Ron, My name is Audrey (Norrid) Aitken and I am one of the Class of '57. I have changed my E-mail address to My address at home is still 404 Manley Road, Norwich, N.Y. 13815 and phone number is 607-336-3974 Thanks for this site and have a great new year. - Audrey
   February 2, 2003 - Hi Ron, Did you know the class of 57 was planning a 65th birthday cruise to the Caribbean?? We leave May 16th, 2004. We will all become 65 years old in 2004 and decided to celebrate together. If you want more info you can reach Janie Tate Drumheller at or . If you want some snow down there we have 85" to spare. Keep warm, Audrey Aitken Norwich, N.Y.

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Oliver, Donald Lee 7714 N.126th E.Ave, Owasso,Okla,74055, I saw the email for Sherian Bowyer in Brazil; tried to send message; if she sees this, please answer, or if you have a new one, please answer (Checked in March 8, 2007).

Oliver Don
Orf Bud Wayne
Orrell Darwin
Osborn Sharon
Osten Billy

Overall, Twyla (Fleming) Thanks Ron - Twyla Overall Fleming - 2121 S. Yorktown Ave., #503, Tulsa, OK 74114-1421. E-mail (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Overley, David & Maxine Hi Ron, My maiden name was Maxine McCrary, and my husband Dave Overley and I both graduated in 1957. Our email address is and his name is spelled wrong under the 'O's' so if you could correct that it would be great. Thanks for a grand job on the website! Michele Overley (Checked in July 18, 2005).

Owen, Judy
Owens Darlene
Oyley Carlien

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Padavie Joan
Palik Bob
Paguin Jerry

Parker, Betty (Loftus), , 725 Rodger's Circle, Platteville, CO 80651, 970-785-2602. . This is a great Idea. Thanks for all your work in setting it up. (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Parks Barbara
Partney Grace
Pate Dan
Patterson Jan
Patterson Nelda
Payne Lynn Jo
Payton Dianna
Pearce Dewain
Peacock Nancy

Pederson, Gary , 7331 Oak Park Ave., Van Nuys, Ca 91406, 818-345-3643, email: , Thanks (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Peters Ruby
Peterson David
Petri Joyce
Phillips Charlotte
Phillips Medra Kay

Pierce, Barbara (Barrett), E-Mail:, 4905 East 103rd Street, Tulsa, OK 74137, HM:918-298-0434, Cell 918-671-3599 (Checked in March 6, 2007).

Pierce Dick

Pierce, Kaye (Mills) Hi Ron, Thanks for the web site. Here's my info. Kaye Pierce Mills, 5810 Makepeace Lane, Corpus Christi, TX 78414, home 361-992-1613, cell 361-960-8307, Thanks, Kaye (Updated March 5, 2007).

Pierce Louise
Pierce Benny
Pike Clinton
Pittman John

Pizarro, Jackie Toney
Hi Ron, I just found out about this wonderful web page tonight. When I pulled it up the Class of '57, I noticed that Audrey had sent an email about the upcoming cruise. I was glad she did, but the date is wrong. Can you please correct that to May 8 departure. I've advised a lot of classmates of the date change, but correcting on this web page will be great. Otherwise there will be a lot of confusion. Thanks so much. Also, Ron, I just noticed that Audrey gave you the email address of my former Company. It is no longer in use. Please change my email to or . Thanks again, Ron. Jackie Toney Pizarro

Pollard Dwayne
Pollard Ruby
Popejoy Lillina
Poetaefield Richard
Powell Zita
Prather Jon

Prayson Alex
Ron, My name is misspelled in all the class lists. You have Payton, Alex and it sould be Prayson, Alex. There is no Payton, Alex in this '57 group. Alex S. Prayson, PhD

Prenger Pat
Price James
Price Mackie F.
Price Mary
Proztman Charlene
Pugh Sandra

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Quapaw Myron
Queen Rose

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Rabon William H.
Rackleff Donna
Rader Jane
Ragan Bill
Rahal Fred

Randell, Anita (Jones) Ron - the web-page is great - thanks for your super effort. Our son lives in Arlington - so who knows, maybe I'll show up some Saturday morning. Anita Randell, McLoud, OK 74851, , Married name is Jones.

Ragan, Bill & Jolynne

Randell Anita

Rayburn, Dennie Dear Ron, This is a request for an address correction on my present listing. Please remove the name of Marilyn Markus and change my e-mail address to I have been in attendance at all the Class of '57 functions (reunions and birthday parties) and always have a great time. The efforts of a lot of super people go into these events and are greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to the cruise and know all will have a most enjoyable time. I currently live in Dallas, TX. and get to see some of our classmates on a regular basis (Ted Mace, Butch Walraven, Tonnie Hendrickson and John Hampton) as we have breakfast at the Mecca Restaurant (on Harry Hines Blvd.) every Saturday at 8:30 AM. If anyone is passing through Dallas on a Saturday just stop at the Mecca and see who is there. Thanks for your efforts on this web page. It's terrific! Dennie (Checked in on October 27, 2003)

Reed Evlyn

Reed, Herb

Reed Tommy

Reins, Ray Douglas RREINS@SAPULPA.K12.OK.US PLEASE ADD ME TO THE CLASS OF 57 WEBSITE: RAY DOUGLAS REINS, 15 E. 26TH STREET, TULSA, OKLA. 74114, PH: 918-583-8503, E-MAIL: RREINS@SAPULPA.K12.OK.US (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Reis, Bob Bob and Linda Reis, 2412 So. St. Louis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74114, (918) 742-2028, (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Reudelkeefer? Lyn
Reynolds Sue
Reynolds Jamie
Reynolds June
Renolds Lewis
Renolds Morty
Renolds Rommie
Rine Freda

Ricketson, Corella Bounds Hello, I am Corella Bounds Ricketson, Class of 1957. I am writing this e-mail to update your class list for 1959. Arthur William Bounds (Bill) Class of 1959 died July 2005. My updated information is Corella Bounds Ricketson. Email is . I live in Richmond, Virginia. Thanks for the work you do keeping all this information together. (Checked in on October 18, 2005)

Roark Jerry Kent
Roark Judy
Roberts Jean
Roberts Judy
Roberts Kathleen
Roberts Richard Jr.
Robertson Clydena
Robinowitz Diana
Robinson Beverly
Robinson Dean

Robinson, John C. Ron, Would you kindly add my email and home addresses to the subject list: Robinson, John C. ; 6116 E. 105th St. S., Tulsa, OK 74137. Yours truly, John (Checked in on October 10, 2006)

Robinson Carolyn
Robinson Jim

Robinson, Mary. On Gradfinder: New Mexico.
Rosson, Floyd  

Rodman Charles
Rodriguez Dolores
Rohde MaryJo
Rondeau Reta June
Rosenstein Lois
Rosson Floyd
Rowe Paula

Rowland, James & Lou Anna We are on the list BUT our e-mail changed to: Rowland, James & Lou Anna, , Thanks for your hard work! (Updated July 6, 2005)

Rowland, Ray

Royce Jean
Rogers Wanda
Ruby Fred
Runcks Ronnie
Rusher Jerry
Russell Jane
Rusell Lary
Russel Peggy
Russell Tom
Rutledge Martha

Rychel, Christopher Charles

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Sampson Jerry
Sanders Karen
Sangor Judy
Satin Nancie
Schell Don
Schiff Margret
Schlichting Joyce
Scot Robert R.
Scott Jim
Scott Nancy
Scott Robert

Scott, Terry , 804 Acapulco Rd NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87144 (Checked in March 21, 2007).

Scruggs Carol
Schdder Carolyn
Seaba Dale
Seaga Vicki

Seaman, Harlene (Mackey) Dear Ron; A little bird (Nancy Mackey) informed me we have a reunion coming up and it is a 50th, surely we are not old enough. Somehow no knows my address or email; thought it would be wise to send it. Sorry I missed the meetings this past summer. Email is, phone (918) 491-9357, address: 7220 So Gary Ave, Tulsa OK. Sincerely, Harlene (Mackey) Seaman (Updated October 7, 2006)

Seanard Jerry

Self, Jim & Danys , home# 918-250-3800 address: 3800 W. Broadway St Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012

Self LaDora
Selinger Keith
Seller Cynthia Jo
Sellems Sue
Sellers Sam?

Sexton, Clark & Marilyn Hi Ron, It all looks great. Please correct my email address. I don't know how you got the one that's there... I never heard of it. If fact, would you mind just putting in the whole schlimeel? and/or , 3022 Evangeline St. , Longview, Texas 75605 , Phone: 903-295-9505. Thanks, Clark Sexton (Updated June 26, 2005)

Shackelford John
Shahan John
Shamel Dough
Shannon Tom
Shays Judy
Sharp Loretta
Shepperd Bob
Shidler Alan
Shoemaker Maedene
Shoemaker Sandra

Shue, Elma James

Sides Gene

Sidwell, Jim , 2194 Canyon View Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81503 (Checked in June 5, 2007)

Siowell Jim

Sikes, Ann (Hill) Hi Ron - I am John Hill and am married to Ann Sikes also a CHS '57 graduate. Please add us to the directory. Email addresses are and . Our home address is 5836 So. 70th East Ave. Tulsa, OK 74145. (Updated June 26, 2005)

Siler Curtis
Silvrman Richard
Simmons Jim
Simmons JoAnn
Simmons Judy
Simmons Ronnie
Simpson Bert
Simpson John
Simpson Robert

Singer, Harvey & Jan 

Singer Judy

Singleton, Jerry   Please add to alumni list: Jerry Singleton, 3816 Hickory Springs Rd., Fort Worth, Texas 76116, Hm. 817 569 9808 wk: 817 877 4256: email: (Updated June 27, 2005)

Sisler, Jim & Judy (Blakemore) Ron, the correct e-mail address for Jim and Judy Blakemore Sisler,class of '57 is Thanks! (Updated June 26, 2005)

Sivers MelbaJo

Skinner, Jo Carol (Williams) Skinner, Jo Carol(Williams) Married to Bob Williams, class of '56. 7721 S. 28 W. Ave., Tulsa, OK. Thanks! (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Slack LeRoy
Sladi Barbra
Slater Chris

Sloan, Jerry Ron, please add me to the CHS class of 57 Alumni Directory. Jerry Sloan, 401 Valley Drive, Sand Springs, Ok. 74063, E-Mail: . If you do not already have the information, one of our class of 57 alumni members JERRY SEANARD died in Sapulpa, Ok. April 2003. Thanks for your site. Jerry Sloan (Updated September 7, 2006)

Smeltz, Dennis , 7715 High Pine Road, Orlando, FL 32819, 407-351-7054. (Checked in April 19, 2006)

Smith Chuck
Smith Don
Smith Darrell
Smith Donna
Smith Kay

Smith, Lawanna (Swanson), , Lawanna Smith Swanson, Claremore, Oklahoma.

Smith Pat
Smith Paula
Smith Paula K.
Smith Phillip

Smith, Priscilla (Bray)   Priscilla Smith Bray, 3113 East 12th St., Tulsa, OK 74104. (Checked in February 2, 2006)

Smith, Sheryl (Sherry) Waterhouse and Cecil Waterhouse, Email:, 4923 Mt. Ararat Drive, San Diego, CA 92111, Hm: (858) 279-5816, Cell (619) 888-9644. Thanks. (Updated March 5, 2007).

Smalley Kaye
Snider Helen
Solant Tony

Sowders, Henry C., , 14728 N. 60th East Avenue, Collinsville, OK 74021, Ph. 918/371-8481, Thanks, Henry (Checked in May 7, 2007)

Spencer David
Spicer Barbra
Spoon Jim
Springer Janis
Springwater Cruse?
Stabler Mary

Staires, Jim & (wife) Evelyn, Email:   , 14107 E 111th St., Broken Arrow Ok. 74011, Home Phone 455-2081. I attended Central High School, up to the last semester; moved to Tahlequah, where I graduated & met my wife Evelyn.

Stanley Annabelle
Stanphill Mary
Stanvinsky Anna
Starr Cairis

Stauffer, Rob & Jonna

Staudt, Janet (Allen) Allen, Janet (Staudt) Email:, 2428 East 19th Street, Tulsa, OK 74104

Steul George
Steele Toni
Stegall Carol
Stemple Kay
Stinger Judith
Stephens John
Stephens Rebecca
Stevens Tom
Stewart Frank
Stilley Larry
Stinson Norman
Stout Pat

Stowell, Daniel M.   , Southbury, Connecticut, 203-264-4606.

Stowers Donna
Stram Judy
Strain Curtis

Stroud, Earl , 8606 E. 28th Place, Tulsa OK 74129, Hm: (918)663-3471, Office: (918)588-5276, Cell: (918)361-1026 (Checked in February 15, 2007)

Stubbins Albert
Stumhard?kard George
Suddath William
Sullivan Rosetta

Sullivan, Sandra (Little), Email:    Hi Ron, thanks for the great website. Please update my info: Sandra Sullivan (Little), class of 57; current address is 2320 Bordeaux Drive; Granbury, TX 76048; Phone, 817-736-0841, 817-683-3580; current email is: Thanks for the great job you do. (updated June 25, 2009)

Summery Jimmy
Swiggart Sue

Sype, Nan (Simpson), Email:    Hi Ron, First, thanks for setting up the Class of 57 website! Second, is it possible to post a question on the website? I am seeking information on a classmate who was a very good friend…her maiden name was Lyndall Henderson. Lyndall accelerated and graduated a few months before the rest of us did, so she may not be listed officially as class of 57. I know she married Frank Freeman, also of our class. I did get Frank’s address from Jackie Pizarro, and I called him. He informed me that they had divorced and that Lyndall has passed away, but for ‘personal reasons’ he didn’t give me any more information. I don’t want to bother Frank any more, but I would love to know more about Lyndall’s life and death. She was a wonderful person and I’m sure many classmates remember her very funny monologues in speech class and her acting talent. Thanks for any help you can provide. Nan (Sype) Simpson, (Checked in February 15, 2007)

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Talisferro Freeda
Tandy Terry

Tate, Janie (Drumeheller)   Ron--I have a change on my file for the class of '57 website. New address is: Janie Tate Drumeheller, 317 S. 191st E. Ave, Tulsa OK 74108, Hm: (918) 266-9847, Cell: (918) 557-1699. Also, Bill Knowles is deceased and needs to be removed from the list. Thanks...Janie Tate Drumheller (Updated April 10, 2004). I work at PSO in the old Central Building. Ron--thanks for letting the Central Class of '57 use your website. I just now found out about it...; Ron--on the Tulsa Central Class of '57--the email address for Jackie Toney Pizarro needs to be changed to Thanks...Janie Tate Drumheller, Hm: (918) 266-9847, Cell: (918) 557-1699 (updated on October 25, 2003)(On Gradfinger).

Tatum, J. Patrick email  

Tagar Virginia
Taylor Ben
Taylor David
Taylor Shelly
Taylor Tommy
Tholl Ronald L.
Thomas Jimmie
Thomas MaryLou
Thomas Perry
Thompson Betty

Thompson, Bob   I Retired from US Army in 1989. Reside in Manila Philippines with mailing address PSC 517, Box RM (Seafront), FPO AP 96517-1000. All the best to former classmates. (Checked in March 13, 2007).

Thompson Gordon
Thompson Hershel
Thompson Wilma

Thrush, Terry & Dick Bevins

Tidwell Bill
Tiger Dan
Timmons Jack
Timmons Mae
Tittle Mary

Tolley, John Fred. 573-775-3422 Steelville, MO
Toney, Jackie Pizarro  &

Trees Bob
Trigg Sandy
Timbel James Richard
Trower Pat
Trudgeon Claudette
Tucker Bob
Tuggle Mike
Tully Douglas
Tupper LeeAnn
Tyrel Carolyn
Tyson Barbra

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Udeen Joyce
Uldin?Ueslin Ester

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VanFosen Kent
VanMeter Eberle
Vaughn Carol
Vaughn Judy
Vogel Lea
Vogel Margret Ann
Vogel Ted G.

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Wait Don

Wait, Priscella Sue (Hauser)   , 2150 Forest Blvd, Tulsa, Ok 74114, (Updated June 29, 2005).

Wakeford Steve
Waldrup Sue
Walker Eugene
Walker James
Walker Linda
Walher Nancy

Wall, Bill   218 Raintree Trail, St. Augustine, FL 32086, Home 904-687-2161, Cell 205-936-8627 (Checked in March 4, 2007).

Wall James

Walraven, Russell 'Butch' & Mary   &   , Home address: 10256 Desert Willow, Dallas, TX 75243. Home phone – 972-234-2572. Office: 972-856-5525, Fax: 972-856-1192, Cell: 972-839-1130, Work E-Mail:   , Russ (Butch) Walraven, Manager, Software Operations, CompuCom , URL:

(Updated March 5, 2007).

Walts Jackie
Ward Carolyn
Waxlf Margare
Warden Fred
Warner Sally

Warren, Carole Sue (Haynes),   , 338 Louise Circle, Destin, Florida 32541 (Checked in March 31, 2007).

Waren Joseph
Washington Janet
Watkins Ella
Watson James
Watson Susan
Watts Joan
Watts Sandra
Waybaun Barbra
Wayland Robert
Weaver Carol
Webb Barbara
Webb DeeAnn
Webb James
Weber Nancy
Weeks Betty
Weigant Beverly
Wellhausen Wayne
Wells Frances
Wells Sandra
Welsh Noel
West Loyd
West Lois
Westor Donna Kaye
Wheat Beaty
Wheller Ann
Weller Russell
White Charles
White Claudia
White Skip
White Judy
Whitehead Lion
Whiten Tom
Whitney Philip
Wickhorst JoJean
Wiedanmann Phil
Wilcox Lindell
Wilkins Jean
Wilkinson Bob
Williams Bill
Williams Bob
Williams Carol
Williams Curtis H. Jr.
Willians Jackie
Willians Leta
Williams Neal,   455 Smoke Trail Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336, Email: (Checked in on October 10, 2008)

Williams, Phil   (office), P.K. Williams, 301-983-0732 (home), 10829 Larkmeade Ln, Potomac MD 20854 (home) (Checked in on April 27, 2004)

Williamson Kay
Wilson Brenda
Wilson Eddie Joe
Wilson Frank J.
Wilson Gloria
Wilson Jean

Wilson, Sunni   Do you have a current address for Jim Webb? I'm told he is from CHS '57 and one of our '57 classmates (Bill Robinson) is looking for him. Thanks for your help. See you in '07. Sunni Wilson, WRHS '57 (Checked in on April 5, 2004)

Wilson Susie
Wing Sandy
Winter Richard
Wine Shirley
Wise Wanda
Wolfe Barbra(1)
Wolfe Barbra(2)
Wolfe Henry
Wolfe James
Wolfe Raleigh
Wolfe Skipper
Wood Darrell
Wood Sara
Woods Harold
Word Rita
Worrell Zelma
Writh Diane
Writh Donna
Wright Judy

Wright, Regan R.   Regan R. Wright, 2772 Evergreen Street, San Diego, California. (619) 224-1800 (Checked in March 5, 2007).

Wright Teresa
Wyatt Nancy J.
Watt Ronald
Wizzard Janice

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Yancy LeHoma
Young Dalford
Young Dennis

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Zachary Jerri
Zickefoose Mary Louise

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