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1957 Class List. Some of these names came from previous reunion web sites and some came from classmates who sent me their information by email. Thanks to Jay Beaman for typing in the names that were in the Senior class in the 1957 yearbook.

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Here is the info for the 75th Birthday party for Tulsa Central Class of 57...janie

Okie dokie classmates, let's get ready to celebrate our 75th birth year with a mini reunion on the second weekend in June 2014.

Thursday and Friday check in and visit/catch up with friends.
Saturday night we have fun at the Elks Lodge here in Tulsa...not far from the Embassy Suites where most of us will be staying. A little entertainment, a birthday cake and some dancing...how does that sound?



3332 S 79TH E AVE
TULSA OK 74145
PH: 918/622-4000 (for reservations)

Date: SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014


Cost: $35.00 per person

The Embassy is where we are going to hang out. Most of us come a day or two ahead of time. The Embassy is close to several restaurants so eating is not a problem.

The Birthday Party will be at the Elks Lodge, which is five miles away from the Embassy, on Saturday night starting at 6pm.

Elk's Lodge
5335 S Harvard
Tulsa OK 74135

Please send reservations for the party to:

Tulsa Central Class of 57
c/o Janie Tate-Tinsley
P O Box 700715
Tulsa OK 74170

Make checks payable to Tulsa Central Class of 57

Janie Tate-Tinsley
cell: 918/557-1699

'Tulsa Central Class of 57' 55th reunion will be:

Friday and Saturday, June 8th & 9th, 2012
Embassy Suites
3332 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa OK 74145
ph: 918.922.4000
use code CCR when booking rooms

Janie Tate-Tinsley
cell: 918/557-1699
hm: 918/292-8752
(Updated June 26, 2011)

BIRTHDAY PARTY UPDATE - November 19, 2008

Tulsa Central Class of 57 - 70th BD party


As you know, we are planning a 70th birthday party June 12th &13th 2009 at the Embassy Suites in Tulsa.

Here is the tentative plan: At least have this bash 2 to 3 days with a birthday cake, a dance on Saturday night...nothing elaborate, just kind of a 'Juke box Saturday night' thing with snacks and a cash bar. We don't want to do anything that's going to cost us very much...

Note from Ed Lanning regarding 70th BD party next June:

If you plan to book a room(s) at the Embassy Suites 2nd weekend of June 2009 for our 70th birthday party here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Embassy Suites 918/622-4000

When booking a room, give the code CCR
They have blocked 22 rooms for us
The cut off date for the reservations is 2 wks before the reunion.
Rooms are $119.00 per night.

Janie Tate Drumheller
cell: (918)557-1699
hm: (918)266-9847

70 YEAR BIRTHDAY PARTY: Jun 12-13, 2009.

Tulsa Central Class of 57 - 70th Birthday Blast, June 12-13, 2009:

Hey gang...listen up! Come the weekend of Friday, June 12th & Saturday 13th, 2009 we are going to have a Birthday Blast at the Embassy Suites in Tulsa to celebrate the 70th year of our birth. It may be that we expand the celebration another day or two, but tentatively speaking it is scheduled for that weekend.

Here is the tentative plan: Birthday cake, a dance on Saturday night...kind of a 'Juke Box Saturday Night' thing...light hors d'ouerves and a cash bar...but mostly just do a lot of visiting. We don't want to do anything that is going to cost a whole lot of money, but we do want to celebrate our BIRTHDAY! We don't have that many left, if you know what I mean!

I know some of you would like to go a little bit further and maybe do a cruise, or Las Vegas...you can do that too if you want to plan something. Maybe after the birthday party some of us might want to take it another step and go on a cruise or have some other kind of celebration. That would be something someone else would need to plan.

Give me your feed back so we can get on with the plans...let me know if this sounds great to you, and if you plan to be here.

Thanks...and I look forward to hearing from you...j

Janie Tate Drumheller
cell: (918)557-1699
hm: (918)266-9847

50 YEAR REUNION: Jun 14-16, 2007.

WRAPUP, June 25, 2007:

Classmates...if you did not attend the Tulsa Central Class of '57's 50th reunion, you missed it, big time! Everyone seemed to have a marvelous time. Classmates everywhere visiting with people they had not seen in a long time. One would look at the other and then have to look down at their picture badge to see who they were talking to. Some had changed considerably...some, not so much.

Thursday night: Some came a day early and were in the Hospitality Room till all hours of the night.

Friday: Unfortunately, it rained a good part of the morning and the golfers were rained out. At noon we saw the Plymouth Belvedere pulled out of the ground. We weren't happy when we saw the rust had eaten thru much of the metal and was going to have to undergo extensive reconstruction. Friday night brought us the buffet, mixer and Sock Hop. The food was terrific, the mixer was friends reacquainting with each other, and the Sock Hop was a hoot...dancing to a juke box with 50s music.

Saturday: Brunch was delicious as was the entertainment. Denny Rayburn took over as the MC as John Clark had a health problem and could not do it. Elma Shue James, Judy Blackmore Sisler and Nancy Mullins (wife of Arlin Mullins) pulled off a 'Chicken Thing' and the audience lost it. We laughed until our sides hurt. There were about 15 classmates who had never attended before and were happy they were there that day. The bus tour in the afternoon was wonderful. We toured the places we had not seen in a long, long time. The Tulsa Rose Garden by Philbrook Art Center was in full bloom and gorgeous. We saw a movie of Tulsa's olden days. Last but not least, we headed to Cain's Ballroom and danced the night away with our rival school Will Rogers. It was great fun! Mike Bennett and his band were phenomenal. Sharon Moguin was singing her heart out. I have been listening to Mike and his band for years and they really out did themselves.

I think everyone had a great time...at least that is what I am hearing from many who were there.

John Clark is doing much better after his health issue at the reunion.

Thanks so much to our wonderful classmates and their support because without it we would have no reunions...j

Janie Tate Drumheller 918/266-9847 hm 918/557-1699 cell

ADDitions to wrapup, June 27, 2007:

Let me apologize to the classmates who entertained at our reunion and I did not mention them in my Wrap Up. My 'really' bad!

Besides the 'Chicken people' we had Tony Solow and Bob Anderson playing banjo, fiddle and guitar. These two guys have been hidden talents until now. We really enjoyed their down home pickin' and agrinnin'. Denny Rayburn was great as a 'stand up comic', taking the place of John Clark as MC for the Luncheon. I swear I don't know how he keeps us laughing like he does.

Last but definitely not least were our famous Trilads, James Webb, Chuck Fournier and Bill Ragan. They always make us feel like we are back in high school. I hope we will always have that kind of entertainment at our reunions.

If I missed anybody else, please tell me...I don't mean to do that. My mind just turns to jello sometimes...j

Janie Tate Drumheller

Wrapup Revision #2, June 28, 2007

Another faux pas of mine is that I did not mention the wonderful job that our classmates Charles Honeycutt & and Nancy Livergood Honeycutt did on the videos they presented at the Luncheon (and some at the Hospitality Room).

Tom Tom...a pictorial review of our 1957 Senior Class, and our deceased classmates.

Biography...a pictorial review of our 1957 Senior Class with current pictures and information.

Proudly We Served...a pictorial recognition of the 1957 Senior Class for their Military Service.

These videos brought tears to many eyes (mine in particular). The Honeycutts worked many hours putting these together. Incidentally, they can be purchased by contacting Charles at the following phone number: 918/479-2181 or 918/698-9943.

Hopefully I have covered everything...if not, I'll be back...j

Janie Tate Drumheller

Mailout for 50th Reunion: 2ndMailOutLtr50thReunionII.doc Updated September 8, 2006.

UPDATE May 17, 2007: Tulsa Central Class of 1957 50th Reunion Registration List

List of Registered classmates for our 50 reunion as of May 17, 2007: htm , doc ... Janie Tate Drumheller, 918/266-9847 hm, 918/557-1699 cell.

UPDATE May 5, 2007: Tulsa Central Class of '57 Dress Code

I have had several people ask me what the dress code for Friday and Saturday evening of our reunion should be.

Friday evening is the buffet, mixer and sock hop (these will all be in the same room): Casual would be good. Some of us may want to change into 50's apparel for the sock hop. Rolled up jeans with long white shirts (dad's shirt), poodle skirts, etc. Just be sure and bring your bobby socks. We will turn on the juke box and start dancing at 10 p.m.

Saturday evening is the dance at the Cain's Ballroom: Will Rogers classmates are going casual. If that's what you want to do, that's okay. Some of us are going to dress up a little more than casual. You be the judge. We want to be comfortable. I would not suggest blue jeans or shorts, but we will let you in the door if you decide that's what you want to wear.

See ya in a few weeks...j

Janie Tate Drumheller
918/266-9847 hm
918/557-1699 cell

UPDATE April 26, 2007: Tulsa Central Class of 1957 50th Reunion Registration List

Attached you will find the list of Registered classmates for our 50 reunion so far... Janie Tate Drumheller, 918/266-9847 hm, 918/557-1699 cell.

UPDATE April 6, 2007: April Reader's Digest Article on Time Capsule

FYI: In April 2007's Reader's Digest on page 23 you will find an short article referring to Oklahoma's Centennial and picture of a similar Plymouth that is buried in front of the Tulsa County Court House. The car they are referring to is going to be dug up during our 50th reunion in June. We will not be able to see the car actually dug up in 'person'; however, there should be closed circuit TV at the Tulsa Convention Center across the street from the hotel where the Classic Car Show is going to be held...j

Janie Tate Drumheller
918/266-9847 hm
918/557-1699 cell

UPDATE April 1, 2007: Tulsa Central Class of 57 BIOs and pix

Hey, Classmates...Deadline for BIOs and BIO pictures for the Directory for the reunion is Monday, April 16th. You have sent me many BIOs, some with pictures. I would love to have current pictures with the BIOs, so if you are going to send them, please do it soon.

Janie Tate Drumheller P.O. Box 607 Catoosa OK 74015

A billfold size current picture would be great. Thanks...j

Janie Tate Drumheller

918/266-9847 hm
918/557-1699 cell

UPDATE March 25, 2007: Tulsa Central Class of 1957 Bus Tour on June 16

Here's an additional update on an event for our upcoming 50th reunion. On Saturday, June 16, we are planning to offer a bus tour for our classmates who would like to visit and reminisce about some of our old favorite places. We think, especially those of you who haven't been back to Tulsa for some time, will really appreciate and enjoy seeing how Tulsa has and is changing. We know this will be a fun time for us to be together and to bring back great memories of 1957.

If you would like to be a part of the bus tour, you must get on the reservation list by May 1. Contact John Allen at his email address of jtallen23@cox.net or call him at 918-299-6262. The cost will be $12 per person, and you can pay for the tour at the reunion when you register. We will furnish snacks and soft drinks and water on the bus.

The tour will start at the DoubleTree after our Saturday Brunch at 1 p.m., and we will be back by approximately 4 p.m. so you'll have plenty of time to get ready for our wild and crazy night at the Cain's Ballroom. The tour will include taking you by things that once were and aren't anymore as well as showing you new and exciting things going on in Tulsa. We will be sure to visit our "Great Spirit," which now resides in Woodward park, and from there journey over to the Cultural Center where we'll watch a 15-minute video of "Things not in Tulsa Anymore." And by the way, if you have suggestions of things you remember and would really like to have included on the Tour, let John know. We want as much classmate input as possible to be sure we are covering all the right locations along the way.

So plan to make this a part of your 50th reunion celebration. Contact John at your earliest convenience, and GET ON THE BUS TOUR LIST."

Janie Tate Drumheller, 918/266-9847 hm, 918/557-1699 cell

UPDATE March 24, 2007: Tulsa Central Class of '57 Reunion meeting

The Tulsa Central Class of '57 reunion committee had a Wednesday, March 21st at Terry Thrush Bevins house here in Tulsa. (We love to have it there because she always has food)

The following were in attendance:

Arlin Mullins and wife Nancy, Jim and Judy (Blakemore) Sisler, John Clark, Nancy (Wyatt) Guthery, Ruby Louise (Pollard) Brown, Terry (Thrush) Bevins, JoAnn (Chapman) Padgett, Elma (Shue) James, Charles and Nancy (Livergood) Honeycutt, John T Allen, Ed Lanning (here from Iowa), Paula (Moyer) Barnes, Tony Solow, Jackie (Toney) Pizarro and Janie (Tate) Drumheller.

John T Allen is looking into a bus tour around Tulsa for the reunion.

Elma and Judy reported on the decorations for Friday night mixer and they said 'It's going to be a surprise so we can't tell you'.

John Clark reported on the entertainment for the luncheon on Saturday. They have things well under control.

Eddie reported on the Hospitality Room. Jim Lachenmaier is going to pick up the tab for the bar. Thanks Jim!!!

Terry is working on the Registration and has that under control.

The BIOs need to be sent to Janie Tate Drumheller no later than April 15th. Also, if you have not sent in your registration, now is the time to do it so we will have a fairly accurate count.

Everything is lookin' good for our reunion.

Attached is a list of the pre-registered classmates. Most will bring guests, but I did not put guests on the list. All together there is close to 200 registered...j

Janie Tate Drumheller

918/266-9847 hm, 918/557-1699 cell

Wrap up of Tulsa Central Class of '57 reunion meeting on August 2, 2006.

First of all we had a wonderful lady, Sharon King Davis, who is the Chairman for the Oklahoma Centennial Committee, explain why we could not be at the unearthing of the Plymouth on June 15th next year--safety reasons. Too much heavy equipment. There will only be a few officials there. However, there will be a car show at the Civic Center (across from the Downtown Double Tree where we are staying) and the car and the contents are scheduled to be displayed there. We are very excited about that. Sharon told us that car enthusiasts from all over the world will be there. Several of the Rogers representatives were there for Sharon's talk. If you want to see what events are coming up for the centennial, click on the following link. http://www.oklahomacentennial.com/Projects.php

Next we made John Clark chairman of the Saturday luncheon entertainment. Elma Shue James, Judy Blakemore Sisler and one more unsuspecting classmate will help with that.

Registration Committee: Terry Thrush Bevins and Janie Tate Drumheller along with Ann DeArmond McDonald, Beverly Morgan Cavanagh, Ann Sandefur, Priscilla Wait Hauser, Art Couch, Nancy Wyatt Guthery and more to be announced later.

Golf Committee: Don Blackburn asked if we could find out in the next mailout if there were some classmates who wanted to play golf, and if so, what day. We will have that questions on the Registration form.

Hospitality Chairman: Ed Lanning, Norman Berg, probably Dennie Rayburn, Ted Mace and some of the other Dallas guys.

Tracing Committee: Janie Tate Drumheller, Terry Thrush Bevins, Sandra Moore Donceel and Virginia Hood Reed.

Class Directory Chairman: Jim Sisler

We discussed a photographer. We decided we wanted just pictures, no video.

We discussed asking teachers we had 'back then' who were still alive and able to come to join us for one of our functions. Don Blackburn and Art Couch have volunteered to chauffeur them.

Classmates who attended the meeting: Terry Thrush Bevins and hubby Dick, Jackie Toney Pizarro, Janie Tate Drumheller, John Clark, Art Couch, Norm Berg and wife Willa Sue, Doug Collins, Nancy Wyatt Guthery, Sherrill Harris Vosberg, Ann Sandefur, Ruby Pollard Brown and hubby, Roger, Beverly Morgan Cavanagh, Jeaneen Bowman Darnell, Nancy Livergood Honeycutt, Charles Honeycutt, Don Blackburn, Elma Shue James, Judy Blakemore Sisler, Jim Sisler, Sandra Moore Donceel, Anne DeArmond McDonald. If your name is not on here and you attended, you did not sign the list that was sent around.

We will probably meet the first of September for a mailout. I will probably take the email people off the physical mailout list and just send you an email with the attachments. If any of you would rather have a physical mailout too, let me know...

Until next time...j

Janie Tate Drumheller

Hm: (918) 266-9847
Cell: (918) 557-1699

50 YEAR REUNION: Jun 14-16, 2007. The 50 year reunion of the Class of '57 will be held in the middle of the Centennial celebration for the State of Okla. Plans are being made to coincide with that celebration, over the weekend of June 14-16, 2007. We have scheduled it for the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Tulsa. Contact Janie Tate Drumheller at mldrum@aol.com or Hm: (918) 266-9847, Cell: (918) 557-1699 or Jackie Toney Pizarro at ibecycling@olp.net for details. The Alumni Web Site is at http://www.ballew.org/TulsaCHS/class57k.html . Thanks... , Janie Tate Drumheller, Hm: (918) 266-9847, cell: (918) 557-1699.

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